I tried to think of a cutesy title for today’s blog but I got nothin’.  Today we explored our 5th sense which was touch.  We touch things all day that are hard, soft , smooth , and rough.  Littles  don’t always have the words to explain what it is they  are feeling past hot or […]

Do You Hear What I Hear

Our morning started off with much movement and vigor.  Pax’s mom, Rochelle , came and did a 20 minute workout with the littles.  She is so engaging and fun I think they would do almost anything for her.  She had them bouncing like a momma gorilla, hopping like a bunny, flipping tires and running like […]

There’s Something Smelly Going On

Today we explored the sense of smell. We used smelling jars that had scents in them like lemon, lavender and cinnamon.  The kids for some reason though they were funny.   As they all gathered around they tried to guess which scent was which. Sometimes we know something is near before  we see it because […]

Do You See What I See

  “Children learn about their environment through their senses. They come to understand concepts through their sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Children understand “soft” when they touch a kitten’s fur. They notice colors when they see a beautiful rainbow. They know what “loud” means when they hear a clap of thunder. They […]

Do you like Sour ?

Today we ended our five senses unit talking about taste. We tasted sweet and sour and graphed which one we liked the best. Some of the faces were pretty priceless. We also played five senses BINGO.     Even though it was a  rainy day, it was a wonderful end to the week.

Do you hear what I hear ?

Today was the day we talk about listening  with our ears. The hardest thing to get preschoolers to understand that is to really listen you have to be quiet.  That isnt always easy but is a necessary skill that we work on so kindergarten wont be miserable for them when they go.  Not listening can […]

Things We Smell

Today we talked about our sense of smell.  Have you ever been in a room with a bunch of sweaty kids after they’ve played on a playground in the sun ? Sometimes you wish your sense of smell was a little more dull than normal. There was a new game on the table that the […]

Sniff Sniff

Today was our last day on the five senses. Is one of our benchmarks to know the 5 senses? No. I just use the themes as vehicles to work on all the other skills we need like listening, social skills and counting. At the end of each of our books this week it had a […]

Feelings… no wait, I can feel things.

You never know what is going to show up at small group . Today it was a little chinese boy and a pirate. I spent some time just sitting in the centers today listening to the children and playing with them. You can learn so much by just listening without judgement. The kids did a […]

Do you hear what I hear ?

> The kids enjoyed playing with some marionettes I picked up yesterday. I love looking around the room and seeing what kids have learned. See Andreas sorting skills ? Emeri playing with the puppets. The frames are filling up with art ! We had our first fire drill today. Since we were learning about ” […]