Cooking Pumpkin

Wednesday’s are usually our cooking day and today was no different .  Chef Randy and the kids made two ingredient pumpkin cookies. So yummy and so easy to make . If you have wanted to try cooking with your child at home, this would be a great recipe to start with. 2 INGREDIENT PUMPKIN COOKIES […]

Pj Day

This should have been titled The Napping House. That is the book that I planned lessons for today and had the kids wear their Pj’s for but I couldn’t find my book ! I KNOW I have one.  I figure it is in one of my other theme boxes but lucky me I have a […]

Owls !

Much of our fun today was a top secret disguised assessment.   We made owl puppets. I was able to check for proper pencil grip and cutting skills.  Bonus was being able to talk about owls that live in the woods !                       When your […]

Is it spring or winter ?

The weather has NOT cooperated this week in being a teaching aid for my winter unit.   But THATS OK! I WILL TAKE IT! One of the activities we did today was exploring curved and straight lines .  All letters are comprised of a straight line, a curved line or a combination of the two. […]

Germs Germs Go Away

Today we started talking about people in our community that help keep us healthy.  When we started a list many of the answers I got to ” who helps us stay healthy?” were ” Jesus ” and ” God” and well.. who can dispute that . So, we  added them to our list and then […]

Doctor Doctor Give Me The News !

  Today we continued to talk about our bodies. During small group the kids made finger prints on an index card and studied them with a magnifier.  We also read another version of ” Our Hands Are Not For Hitting” and then made our own book.  We traced the kids hands and then wrote the […]

Spring, really ?

> This weather is really aggravating me. I spent the whole weekend outside cleaning and planting flowers . It was 80 degrees and today it is 44 and is dipping to 31 tonight. I guess I will get back out there tonight and cover up my new pretty flower beds. Also, it is kind of […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

> It is so cold outside. The cold wouldnt be so bad if the wind wasn’t blowing. Layers work best in this kind of weather. Remember our quality standards state that we go outside unless there is an advisory or falling precipitation. We don’t stay out for the long periods like for warmer weather , […]


> Today we continued our exploration into FOOD. I went upstairs to the resource room, which my son Addam is working to organize and found a few materials we can use. Like these potato heads. The kids LOVE this! For small groups today we made Alphabet Soup. The kids stirred the ” soup ” and […]

The Little Old Lady

> One of the kids favorite books is called ” The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.” It has lots of predictive text in it . Today we decided to add some props and actions to the story. The pants go wiggle wiggle… The shirt goes shake , shake… The two white […]