Cooking Pumpkin

Wednesday’s are usually our cooking day and today was no different .  Chef Randy and the kids made two ingredient pumpkin cookies. So yummy and so easy to make . […]

Pj Day

This should have been titled The Napping House. That is the book that I planned lessons for today and had the kids wear their Pj’s for but I couldn’t find […]

Owls !

Much of our fun today was a top secret disguised assessment.   We made owl puppets. I was able to check for proper pencil grip and cutting skills.  Bonus was […]

Is it spring or winter ?

The weather has NOT cooperated this week in being a teaching aid for my winter unit.   But THATS OK! I WILL TAKE IT! One of the activities we did […]

Germs Germs Go Away

Today we started talking about people in our community that help keep us healthy.  When we started a list many of the answers I got to ” who helps us […]

Doctor Doctor Give Me The News !

  Today we continued to talk about our bodies. During small group the kids made finger prints on an index card and studied them with a magnifier.  We also read […]

Spring, really ?

> This weather is really aggravating me. I spent the whole weekend outside cleaning and planting flowers . It was 80 degrees and today it is 44 and is dipping […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

> It is so cold outside. The cold wouldnt be so bad if the wind wasn’t blowing. Layers work best in this kind of weather. Remember our quality standards state […]


> Today we continued our exploration into FOOD. I went upstairs to the resource room, which my son Addam is working to organize and found a few materials we can […]

The Little Old Lady

> One of the kids favorite books is called ” The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.” It has lots of predictive text in it . Today […]