Candy Land

A wise friend is mentoring / teaching / inspiring me to remember why I do family childcare . We are working our way through a series of tough questions she passed my way.  The first question is : For a young child, how is spending a day in a high quality family childcare home like […]

Acorn Art

Sometimes allowing kiddos to explore means letting go of even more control.  Yesterday I showed the kids a picture of some acorns someone had painted or stained on pinterest .  Today – they decided we should paint our acorns.   Sometimes toys are over rated . We like boxes and tarps.   One of the […]

Learning Takes Place Every Where

As I work through really embracing the Reggio philosophy and a child-led curriculum I have been honest enough to say I am STRUGGLING .  I am on the STRUGGLE bus and riding full steam ahead.  I miss my theme boxes. I miss my very structured lesson plans. I miss being in control of the learning. […]

Meaningful Writing Experiences

At this age teaching writing is not only a terrible waste of time but also it is NOT developmentally appropriate .  Sometimes teachers or parents ignore science and years of research by professionals and teach it anyway.  We don’t TEACH writing but we give many opportunities for children to engage in writing in a meaningful […]

Pumpkin Visual

Today we took time to look at our pumpkin . We smelled it. We touched it.  We talked about it and made a list of all the things we ” know ” about pumpkins. After making our list we cut open the pumpkin and explored the inside .   We looked up a recipe for […]

Isn’t Easter Over ?

When you look at today’s pictures you might think – – wait… last week before Easter she didn’t have bunnies and eggs out.  Today, the week after the Easter holiday – she has all the Easter swag.  Hey DEB!  You are running a week behind ! Get with the program.   🙂     If […]


Our goal each day is to be engaged with materials in play.   Sometimes the children are so engaged in their own learning that I hate to pull them away to check something off my ” agenda ‘ or lesson plan. Alas, sometimes I have to . Yesterday we received another letter from Ms Oyler […]

Post Thanksgiving

Most of you know that I have gradually become more natural, hippified, simplistic , reggio – inspired , child centered, …. there are so many adjectives that could explain or might be pinned on me for my current method of ” teaching ” children.  Please believe me when I say the things I execute each […]

Stop , Think and Choose

Today is one of those days that people will look back to say ” I remember the day ( fill in the blank )  was elected President of the United States. ” I hope that everyone has done something wonderful today so the day  is attached to a good memory.  Either way we vote , […]

Its Fri-yay Y’all !

We are not perfect teachers but we certainly try to learn from our own mistakes .  Yesterday we did not get in as much outside time.   Today  outside time was a priority.    After breakfast I told the littles that we would be going back outside and one little girl said ” We have […]