Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Today I was in a meeting ( well, a public hearing ) that was asking for public comment on the state plan for funding.  My role there was to listen […]

Starry Starry Night

We had visitors this morning.   Kaden and Kyler , former preschoolers  stopped by with their mom to read to us.  It was a treat to see them and visit […]

Mr Sun

Today we started our day by reading a book called ” The Sun Is Our Friend.”   One important thing we found out when we read the book is that […]

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

  There is a learning curve on our new blog but slowly I am getting it.   No use crying over spilt milk,right ? Speaking of spilt milk that was […]

Things In The Sky

This weeks big ideas are :    We see the sun during the daytime and the stars and moon at night We sometimes see clouds and rainbows  We see beautiful […]

You are my Sunshine

Today we rounded out our ” Things in the Sky ” unit with thinking about the sun.  When we did our ” what do you know ” time these are […]


    Today we talked about rainbows. We talked about the colors of the rainbow. I was able to engage prior knowledge from elementary school. ( Yes mine !  ROY […]

Clouds in the Sky

Today was a rather hectic day.  Not only did we try to do all the things we had planned but we also were getting our Worksampling files ready for an […]

Things in the Sky

Today we started a unit called ” Things in the Sky.” We use the Adventures  in Learning curriculum and there are a few units that over the years I have […]