Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Today I was in a meeting ( well, a public hearing ) that was asking for public comment on the state plan for funding.  My role there was to listen for and advocate for family child care providers .   At the end of my meeting I received a text from Dallas that pretty much […]

Starry Starry Night

We had visitors this morning.   Kaden and Kyler , former preschoolers  stopped by with their mom to read to us.  It was a treat to see them and visit with Mellissa.  Kaden and Kyler were like rockstars. The kids loved having them here.   Today we looked at the painting ” Starry Starry Night […]

Mr Sun

Today we started our day by reading a book called ” The Sun Is Our Friend.”   One important thing we found out when we read the book is that the sun is a star ! Part of our day was filled with Ms Debbie doing Dial Three Assessments.  My grant states that I need […]

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

  There is a learning curve on our new blog but slowly I am getting it.   No use crying over spilt milk,right ? Speaking of spilt milk that was our story today.  As a child did you ever lay outside looking at the clouds and imagine what they looked like ?  I have looked […]

Things In The Sky

This weeks big ideas are :    We see the sun during the daytime and the stars and moon at night We sometimes see clouds and rainbows  We see beautiful things in the sky   If you turn your head sideways and squint your eyes you will see the makeshift airplane that we put together. […]

You are my Sunshine

Today we rounded out our ” Things in the Sky ” unit with thinking about the sun.  When we did our ” what do you know ” time these are some things they children offered . 1.  It is really bright and yellow. 2. It is a big star. 3. The sun causes evaporation.  ( […]


    Today we talked about rainbows. We talked about the colors of the rainbow. I was able to engage prior knowledge from elementary school. ( Yes mine !  ROY G BIV  Do you guys remember that ?   We did color resist paintings . We colored white on white and then watercolored over the […]

Clouds in the Sky

Today was a rather hectic day.  Not only did we try to do all the things we had planned but we also were getting our Worksampling files ready for an audit.  Do you remember what worksampling is ?  It is an ongoing assessment through observation of the children.  I collect work ( art, cutting, writing,) […]

Things in the Sky

Today we started a unit called ” Things in the Sky.” We use the Adventures  in Learning curriculum and there are a few units that over the years I have just ” skipped.”  There isnt enough time in the year to cover all of them so I would choose my favorites.  I knew this was […]