Transportation with Letters and Numbers

Mila came in today very upset.  Her routine has changed  and it’s hard.  Her papi is the center of her world and he has taken care of her since she was a baby.  If you see his posts on FB you would see that she too.. is the center of his world.  There’s nothing wrong […]


This Arkansas weather is CRAZY. I should have taken better note of the weather this week.  Yesterday we did boats. Today we planned for trains and normally we walk to the tracks and almost always catch a train coming or going . I felt it was too chilly for that long of a walk today. […]

Noah’s Ark

I can guarantee you this.   If you get up DEEEEtermined to have a wonderful day you most likely will find one.  After riding the struggle bus yesterday I decided today WOULD . BE . BETTER.  Guess what ? IT WAS ! I will remind you that conscious discipline tells us that you met more […]

Airplanes and Attitudes

Yowzers. What a day. It hasn’t been a ” bad ” day we have just had several challenges through out the day.  Not every day can be perfect and ” what is perfect?”  Today was one of those days that as a teacher and a strong believer in conscious discipline I have to literally stop […]

That Truck is HUGE !

We were all excited all morning as we waited anxiously on Molly’s dad to come by school with his semi-truck.  To make the time fly we did all our normal things .   We did a lot of drawing. This crew LOVES to draw. We talked about bridges and tried to build a few . […]


It was a good day.   As a transition from reading a book we also made a list of ” things that have wheels .”  A transition is an activity that leads us into something else.  In this case, as a child got up they gave me an answer before leaving to choose another activity. […]

Special Delivery

We started our day by reading a story called ” Special Delivery. ”   In the book the delivery person uses many methods of transportation to finally get her package where it should go .  She used skates and a skateboard, a bike and a row boat and many more.  This week we have mainly […]


Today was our first day back from Christmas break. Our break was only a week long so we didn’t get out of our routine so much that today was hard.  .  Holidays are difficult  as everyone struggles to get everything they need or want to get done completed and usually there is a rush . […]

Wheels and Patterning

We spend  a LOT of time doing fun things that promote literacy.  That is just who we are.  We read and tell stories all the time.  We also count a lot – we count when we wash our hands, we count when we go in or out the gate,  we count many times a day. […]

Parking Garage

Our main fun activity for small groups today was a parking garage activity .  I drew a road on butcher paper and had several little outlets coming off the main road. Four children at a time came to the table to chose a car and drive.  First I would tell them which garage to drive […]