Five Little Snowman

We are changing up tradition a little this year. We always do the handprint snowmen on a round bulb. I do change up the colors of the bulb. Today we […]


Traditions are another structure that builds resilience in children and families. I heard another provider tell her families tradition the other day. She said they light candles on Christmas Eve […]

It’s the Season

The day started off a little rocky as a couple littles didn’t want to leave mom after such a long break. Understandable!! Kudos to the mommas who knew they were […]

What is a Turkey?

This the season when I feel the pressure to send home crafts. It starts at Halloween and runs through Christmas. I lovingly call the craptivities. Alas here we are. Yesterday […]

Decisions , Decisions

I had a stack of Thanksgiving books ready to read this week. Then yesterday happened. Children did t want to talk about Thanksgiving they were excited about snow. I did […]


Today on my radar was to begin conversations about what Thanksgiving is. Not really what Thanksgiving is but what being thankful means. We started our discussion this morning with what […]

Building Community Not Bias

The children played outside for three hours today. THREE GLORIOUS red leaves falling , mailman sighting, breakfast on stumps hours of JOY. We did take a break and come inside […]


Years ago Mr Randy installed a pulley on the playground with a bucket. He taught the children how to put toys on it and pull them up and down. We […]

Letter Monster

I have had this activity prepped for a couple weeks and just never got around to using it. The intention was one of two things : Children will find the […]

Cooking Wednesday

Today was cooking Wednesday. We made monster pudding. I usually do this activity around St Patrick’s Day. It’s like magic when the white pudding powder turns green Boy did we […]