Busier than usual

It’s amazing to me. In quality indicators they teach us to separate our areas – quite centers ( reading , art , etc) should not be placed near loud areas ( blocks , dramatic play.) With this new arrangement I have literally placed ALL THE LOUD centers down stairs. The children were very engaged in […]

Why Rearrange Now?

The children and I did some rearranging today. We moved the block area down stairs and the tables upstairs. Why move it now ? There are literally 8 school days left. This group is seasoned. They feel safe. I wanted to try eating and artsy stuff upstairs for ME. There are days at meal time […]

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills increase through the year as children are given opportunities to develop those muscles. As self awareness increases you begin to see facial features and body parts emerge. Today we did our last self portrait of the year. Look at this example from a 4/5 year old boy. August – September. I’m always […]

Self Esteem

As you know we have conversation cards on our tables. The question today was “ what are you really good at?” Can we just cease making people feel bad about knowing what their strengths are? Can we instill a healthy sense of self awareness? Some answers I got today : Art – I am good […]

All Kinds of Art

Today we experimented with fluorescent paints and a black light. The children were confused at first because their designs were not showing up as well as they thought on black paper. Then we added the black light. They were so excited and surprised. Some even found fluorescent residue on their hands. We admired the art […]

Assessment Time

I have a love hate relationship with assessments. At the beginning of the year they are important so I know if I child has a delay and might need extra help. I do them the end if the year to gauge how much progress we have made. The kids think it’s a game. I am […]

You are my sunshine

The children are continuing to work on pieces for our art show. Today we started with a smily face And then made a beautiful sunshine with multicolored rays.


Today was a busy day. We finished our bunny drawing with liquid watercolors. We dyed eggs that we would later eat at lunch. We decorated a bunny cake. My mom made these cakes when I was a child. And of course we had the egg hunt. This was our first year to do a corporative […]

Spring Brings Growth

Spring brings growth in the garden but it also brings growth in our children. I can hear new vocabulary words being used as we explore new materials . Then Nayomi randomly starts doing math 😳❤️ At the table I hear “ can you please pass the corn?” Jazmine’s self portrait last month. This month she […]

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Today we did a little directed drawing. We made an art piece with plastic eggs and paint. I would say it was a pretty great day !