Faces Change

Today we took a look at our baby pictures and tried to guess who was who. Some were very easy. Some were more difficult. It was fun. Even Mr. Randy got in on the fun. We started our day reading a specific book today. Mr Randy and Mrs Melissa let me know yesterday when I […]

White On Black

Today we flipped the switch a little. We are accustomed to drawing our self portraits with black markers on white paper. Today we examined our faces in a mirror again and drew our faces on black paper with white . We tried a pumpkin project I have seen on social media and I am pretty […]

Identity Through Facial Expressions

Think about what all facial expressions tell us. There’s a lot of communicating goes on by using our faces. Today’s focus is not intended to address emotional development we do that all day every day. We are simply going to look at different facial expressions and how we might become more self-conscious of them. How […]

Identity Through Invisibility

In today’s exploration we took a picture – and talked. The picture was an invitation to promote children to think about the possibilities. I simply said “What is going on?” The confused looks on their faces were comical at times.

Identity Through Blindfold

Children know they use their eyes to see things. But are there other ways that we can see things in our environment ? How do people know what is in front of them if they cannot see? It reminds me of the other day when we were doing the smelling activity. Even though I had […]

Eye Spy

Our eyes are such an important piece of who we are. Today we continued to look at our identity through our facial exploration. We read the book by Dr Suess called “ Our eyes”. We looked in the mirror to see what color our eyes are. We graphed our eye color. Interesting that I didn’t […]

What if I had an elephant nose ?

Today we read a book called “what if I had an elephant nose?” It showed pictures of children with many different noses of animals. Would you like to have a rhinoceros nose ? Would you like to have a bunny rabbit nose ? So many options but I think they just decided to keep their […]

What’s That Smell

Today we found in on our nose. We use our nose all day long sometimes without even thinking. I asked all of the children “what is your favorite smell? What is your least favorite smell ?” Almost everyone said their favorite smell is chocolate. It made me wonder if they were confusing taste with smell. […]

Our Skin

Today we explored the skin on our face. Do any of us have freckles or dimples ? What’s under our skin? We read a fun book that talked about skin and the differences ( and similarities )we all have . We looked at our fingertips through a magnifying glass. Everyone’s finger prints are unique. We […]

Which part do you like the best ?

Last week with been a lot of time talking about our faces. We drew them, we looked at them in mirrors , we constructed them from loose parts and we made them from clay. This week we can begin this constructing our faces a little. Never just looked at your face. I remember the day […]