My Face in 3D

Now that the children have studied their faces in a mirror and put them on paper we are going to take it a step further. Children were offered Playdoh and the suggestion was given that they try to create their face. I think they did pretty well . Not only is this a practice in […]

Loose parts and Identity

Children took loose parts and used them to represent their faces. This is an excellent activity that not only uses the imagination but cognitive skill as we recall on the things that we’ve learned earlier in the week. It looks like they have the hang of it.

Identity through Suggestion

Today children were challenged to take the image of half a face and re-create the other half. Noticing when things are symmetrical sometimes comes from within us or is it taught? When mom makes pig tales – is one on one side and the other matching ? Is one side of our pants usually the […]


Isn’t it amazing that God put all our parts in what seem to be in the exact perfect spot? Have you ever thought about what if your nose was on your feet? What if your eyes really were in the back of your head? Today we took time to think about relocating our faces to […]

Face Meets Identity

We are moving on from mark making into exploring our faces. Our faces set us apart from anyone else- unless of course you are an identical twin. I’ve had several sets of identical twins over the years. Faces also play a role in letting others know how we feel because they are so expressive. There […]

Building Community

We had a dilemma today. We talked about all the things we wanted to do to make it a great FRIDAY. The kids wanted to watch a cartoon. Though that isn’t in our norm I can flex for that once in a while. We also talked about sleeping outside. I’ve only done this one day […]

Risk Taking

I plan my blogs a week in advance. I mostly know what direction I’m going in. Today my plan was to blog on young children taking risks and what the benefits are. Yesterday I took these pictures. This is one of the kids favorite places to test their physical ability and take risks. You can […]

It’s DOT day!!

Today is international dot day. We place a few fun days on our calendar so we can count up to special events. Why ? Because it’s a fun way to include natural math in our day. First thing this morning I met the littles with a dot on my nose. They couldn’t wait to get […]

The Most Important Things

Today we played outside a lot . Today we continue to explore marking by marking under the table. That was fun. . But the most important thing we did was help a friend. I gave a five minute warning and said it’s time to clean up. Our friend was playing with Play-Doh and could not […]

Marking to the Drum

Today we read the book ” The Line.” We learned that sometimes books don’t have letters that make words. Sometimes the marks… or illustrations tell the story. We made marks to the beat of a drum. If the drum beat was slow we marked slow. If the beat of the drum was fast.. we marked […]