Caps for Sale

Today is a national holiday called hat day . I didn’t do the research to find out why they actually scheduled a day honoring hats but I figured why not. 😂 So today the children arrived with hats of many different kinds. Teachers too. Just this act alone gives us opportunity for so many conversations. […]

How Important are Numbers

Today was another dreary day inside. We can do cold. But we can’t do cold and wet. Call me a baby or whatever but I just can’t. 😝 It is a cold that goes to the bones and takes hours to get rid of. To make sure that we get all of the gross motor […]

The 5 W’s

The children have been into reading a lot more. I think it’s the cold weather and them feeling the need to be close to us. Today as we were plopped in the floor I thought what a good time to do a skill assessment. I told the children to warm up their ears that I […]


Three times a year we have finalization on our assessment and observations. During the last term I noticed that many of our children had a hard time knowing what largest and smallest are . Today I did a little activity to see how far along we’ve come. We started first with the large group of […]

Welcome 2020

This absolutely made my day today- as we opened the door I heard our first child running down the sidewalk yelling “yippee!!” It’s such a good feeling to know when you’re missed. I’m sure the kids feel the same way. We made a point today to make sure we actually said” I missed you while […]

It’s the simple things

The children’s favorite “toy” still remains a $1 stack of disposable cups. The way I taught years ago – 30 degrees outside and I am doing a unit on ” ice ” we freeze toys in ice for the kids to excavate. We set a cube of ice out in a bowl inside to see […]

Ordinal Numbers

Littles this age don’t need to know what “ordinal numbers” are but that doesn’t mean we can draw attention to them when it comes naturally – like On the FIRST day of Christmas my true love gave to me …. ❤️ We also had to do a little problem solving when we got to 11. […]

Christmas memories.

What is in your memory bank from Christmases past? As a child I can honestly tell you that I remember two gifts. I’l probably remember those gifts because I’ve seen pictures of them. One was a little puppy dog and the other was a very hard doll about 3 foot tall. I try more and […]

Rotating materials

Do you have toys at home that the children never touch? We are constantly looking at our environment and changing things around to keep the children engaged. One thing is for sure and works almost 100% of the time. If there is something not being used if you move it to a new spot suddenly […]


Today Holly called in because Kamden was sick and her mom was not available. Mr. Randy helped me today. If you remember we did that together for many years. When things like this happen is when you find out where your true strengths are. If your routine is reliable and your relationships strong- little things […]