Directed Drawings

Directed drawings are one of the few teacher directed activities that I do. I helped the children step-by-step draw something. Today we drew a pumpkin This type of activity not […]

Water Ramp

During Covid some playground materials just showed up on my porch from the tribes that I am associated with. I almost didn’t keep this specific toy because it’s plastic and […]

Child Sized Tunnels

Last week we spent a lot of our time looking at ramps. We figured out what they were and what could go down them and what could not m. We […]

Let’s Explore Ramps and Tunnels

I have noticed that several of our children are really enjoying using the long board outside to create a ramp. They use it for different things. Some of them use […]

Ramps and Tunnel building in our block area. 

The children organically play with ramps in our block area. We also have tunnels. I decided this week to set up some provocations to help them explore that a little […]

Will it roll?

First I had the children help me decide how we would turn the plank into a ramp They quickly figured out that we would need to lift it up and […]

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Together the children worked to create simple ramps with different materials. This happened naturally throughout the day. I took a small ramp and inserted myself into their play. 😳 we […]

Real Life Ramps

Today was our first walkabout. We started walking around our neighborhood noticing where ramps are located. We not take the children directly to the lamps but planned a route that […]

Light Table Play

I have loved light tables for a long time. Some of my favorite pictures are pictures of children around the light table with mirrors. Light tables can be used to […]


What are manipulatives ? In early learning facilities they are tools that can help teach children concepts such as sorting and counting. It helps children to see the number instead […]