This the time when children start learning how to form friendships. It starts with all that social emotional coaching that we do. We teach them how to say “can I be your friend? May I play with you?” We also teach them that it’s OK to say no and in turn how to handle that […]

What Do We Know About Music ?

This group of littles has always loved music. Many of them would rather listen to music and dance than play with toys. Today I asked them what they know about music. Pretty much most of them just gave me names of their favorite songs. Melanie added “We can sing songs about Jesus!” Levi said “We […]

Pumpkin Tally

After having our traditional Friday dance party I read each child’s story to them and they made five little pumpkin stick puppets. The main purpose of this fun activity was to see how far along the children have come in their scissor skills. Some of the children are still struggling. They tend to point the […]

White Pumpkin

White pumpkin White pumpkin What do you see …. Yesterday we made a graph with our predictions of what color seeds the white pumpkin would have. Today we opened it up ! The kids were excited and chanting their chosen color as I used a knife to carve that huge pumpkin Elijah’s grandma brought us. […]

White pumpkin

The kids were very energetic today during family time I tried to lead a discussion on the white pumpkin. If you watched it on my feed you so hot and successful it was. Advantage of being in my setting is that I can follow the children’s lead. Their “lead” was telling me that they were […]

Conscious Discipline for Parents

My training this week is focusing how to educate parents on what conscious discipline is and how I use it in my classroom. I always felt like I did a pretty good job of that but got some definite pointers in day one . I’m excited mostly about the energy I feel in the renewed […]

Learning Stories

I knew that this year I wanted to add an extra layer of communication for parents. It does seem that I have better conversations in the morning then I did pre-Covid. The best part of my day is walking outside and seeing children hanging out sunroofs yelling at each other excited to start the day […]

Patterns on Pumpkins

Today we started looking patterns that are in pumpkins. You can clearly see the pattern especially on the small colored ones White green white green white green. That got us to looking at patterns on our clothing. I put an invitation out with markers and small pumpkins on white paper. Checking back later the to […]

5 Little Pumpkins

Today we read the story “ Five Little Pumpkins.” It’s really a rhyme made into a book. 5 little pumpkins Our invitation today was “ Can you make a gate to hold five pumpkins?” Some teachers may call the system project. I just call it fun that goes along with our story for the day. […]

Pumpkin Painting

Today I set out an invitation or a provocation. This is an activity a teacher sets out to provoke curiosity or wonder. Of course there are learning goals or skill objectives. Today our provocation was “can you paint a pumpkin?” It’s a lot different than giving a child a coloring sheet and telling him to […]