Cookie Chefs

Today we did a little baking.  I made cookies for a meeting tomorrow and it was SO simple I decided the kids would like to try it.   One Box […]

The Children ARE the curriculum

Not a pre-set curriculum but a process of inviting and sustaining learning. Once teachers have prepared an environment rich in materials and possibilities, they observe and listen to the children […]

Conscious Discipline Super Stars

There are many days that at the end of the day I think ” YES!  Today was a great day. ”  Today ranks pretty high in my book .   […]

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids can be fun but it  can also be quite a challenge.  It’s especially tough if you have 16 littles that want to be involved.  For years we […]


  It was a good day for a Monday.

Another Manic… Wednesday

As Dallas was leaving today she said ” What is on the agenda tomorrow ????? Is it a normal day ? ”   I laughed and said , “YES ! […]

Lettuce – be glad we are back in school !

We were so happy to be back in school today.  Since we missed almost the whole week we ditched our original lesson plans and did another food experience day. Today […]

Sweet Potatoes

                                  Today was all about sweet potatoes.  We washed , we measured, we weighed […]

Oh Christmas Tree

When we opened our  advent activity bag today the note said ” Make Christmas playdoh. ”   So we did.       Here is the recipe if you want […]

Pumpkin Pie

The weather is dreary outside today. We did get a little outside time in this morning before the rain hit us but not much. In circle time we talked about […]