Cookie Chefs

Today we did a little baking.  I made cookies for a meeting tomorrow and it was SO simple I decided the kids would like to try it.   One Box Yellow Cake Mix 1/2 Cup Oil 2 Eggs Mix- Add Butter Scotch Pieces .-   We will be adding this to our afternoon snack.   […]

The Children ARE the curriculum

Not a pre-set curriculum but a process of inviting and sustaining learning. Once teachers have prepared an environment rich in materials and possibilities, they observe and listen to the children in order to know how to proceed with their work. Teachers use the understanding they gain thereby to act as a resource for them. They ask […]

Conscious Discipline Super Stars

There are many days that at the end of the day I think ” YES!  Today was a great day. ”  Today ranks pretty high in my book .   My daily goals are based on personal growth with each of my littles .  We don’t set  goals like ” today everyone will count to […]

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids can be fun but it  can also be quite a challenge.  It’s especially tough if you have 16 littles that want to be involved.  For years we did a bit of a Rachel Ray Preschool Food Hour.  You know how that goes… you have seen it before.  I will bring all the […]


  It was a good day for a Monday.

Another Manic… Wednesday

As Dallas was leaving today she said ” What is on the agenda tomorrow ????? Is it a normal day ? ”   I laughed and said , “YES ! Tomorrow and tomorrow alone is a NORMAL DAY!” *  ( Whatever a normal day in a classroom means. )  Monday was well…. like every Monday […]

Lettuce – be glad we are back in school !

We were so happy to be back in school today.  Since we missed almost the whole week we ditched our original lesson plans and did another food experience day. Today was greens !  Ms Dallas was in charge of this lesson . We are switching off each unit so a variety of teaching styles can […]

Sweet Potatoes

                                  Today was all about sweet potatoes.  We washed , we measured, we weighed and we cooked sweet potatoes all day.  This is our new foods mascot named Wendy . She gives a cheer to find out WHOOOOOOOOO tried […]

Oh Christmas Tree

When we opened our  advent activity bag today the note said ” Make Christmas playdoh. ”   So we did.       Here is the recipe if you want to make it at home. It is my favorite recipe.  It is from  !     Each child is taking home a little in […]

Pumpkin Pie

The weather is dreary outside today. We did get a little outside time in this morning before the rain hit us but not much. In circle time we talked about the Mayflower again and the people on it.  We talked about the storm that hit and how the water probably got in the boat as […]