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Welcome Party Animals

Published on August 5, 2019 under Winter

The first few blogs that I post are always so conflicting for me. I want to tell you ALL the things… But I don’t want to overwhelm you. So as I think of new things I make a list of important “stuff” to come back to. I think it’s important for you to know what it is we do all day and how is it that we learn so much through play.

Today was a fabulous day. To be quite honest most days that are ” firsts” are pretty amazing. The children are curious and even a little shy so we don’t see their full personalities quite yet. But that’s OK, when they eventually emerge we are ready to love those little butterflies too. Holly even remarked that today seemed so chill and quiet.

There are so many new routines to learn. Where do we put our shoes when we come in the door? How do we wash our hands? Did you know that there’s a correct way to do that?

First we get our hands wet, then we add soap and lather for 20 seconds or for us it’s one time through the ABC song and then we rinse and dry off with cloths. A couple years ago we stopped using paper towels because we were going through so many and want to be responsible. So we have single use cloth towels that get washed often.😳.

( Also , a little sidenote -We put a drop of thieves essential oil in our handwashing soap to stave away any germies that might try to make it through our door. We also clean our tables with thieves cleaner .)

The most important thing that was going on today was children building relationships with teachers and with their new friends.

We did our first self portraits today.

We will talk in depth about those on another day.

The popular activity in the outdoor classroom was the rain barrel. There was a lot of filling and dumping going on.

There was learning taking place at that time too. Like… I wonder why this green bowl will not hold water ?

It took a while but eventually he caught on.

We also celebrated a birthday today. Scarlet turned five yesterday!

There’s so much to tell you. I’ll save more for a later blog. Of course we had to end the day

with Popsicles.


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