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Last Day Vibes

Published on May 17, 2019 under Winter

Today has been a very good day. This morning we celebrated birthdays of the children that have birthdays during the summer.

We played some inside their but energy level was so high it was like little fire flies at night.

We watched our end of the year video. It was so nice to listen to their excitement as they remembered the fun things that we did throughout the year. And yes, I ended up a puddle of tears at the end.

We went outside and built one last campfire

They swung one last time on the big Bradford pear tree .

They dug a hole that I am certain went to China. As Olivia dug she said what if we do find treasure chest ! Oh but dear -you have. ❤️.

We feel so blessed to have shared this year with you and your children. The wonderful thing about our place is not every day is perfect but it’s like you have at home. Each day is a little bit of crazy and a little bit of chaos. Each day is a whole lot of love and a whole lot of laughter.

I challenges you as parents to stay connected to your children in school. To be there for them. Be their voice.

My wish for them is that they will have a teacher that sees who they truly are and appreciate every single characteristic.

I wish for them is that they have a teacher that realizes how important it is to have friends in to build community

My wish for them is their teacher loves them enough to know when it is hard and will take the time to slow down and listen or just let their body lean against their own.

I wish them more.

Thanks for a great year.


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