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We Mix The Playdoh Here

Published on August 6, 2019 under Winter

Today we continued just to get to know each other better and get used to our classroom environment and routines. Inside the playdoh area seemed to be the most popular.

There was so much going on . Are you aware that we allow the children to mix the playdoh ?

You can’t imagine the peace that comes when you let go of controlling the fact that they want to mix the colors up. I’ve even had a couple children say ” is it OK to mix it? ” We also use scissors in that area,

Cutting playdoh with scissors is a great way for children to get used to the motions of scissor cutting.

Did you notice that water bottle?

Just in case we were you wondered we do have water bottles available for the children throughout the day. They each have their own and are allowed to get drinks at will . ( That’s actually a minimum standard if you wondered.)

A new routine in our day that I told you about at orientation is our ” how are you feeling check in “during family time. We have a chart of children’s faces framed in red ,blue , yellow and green. They have different emotions displayed on the faces. Each day we will check in and asked the children how they are feeling. They will pick the bracelet that matches their mood. This will give us insight into if they might need help throughout the day. It will also encourage them to reflect and think about how they are feeling.

Here’s a few pictures that will remind you of one of my biggest platforms – risk-taking. More on that later.

Also a lot to be said at a later date about allowing children to work out their differences without much intervention from the teacher. We observe and make sure everyone safe and support if needed


Another popular area today was the sand bins. Ideally they are made for one or two children at the most at a time. As you can see from the picture at one time there were more than six huddled around

These are wonderful opportunities to teach children about patience , communication and working out a plan so everyone feels included.

It was another great day.


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