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Preschool Science

Published on August 16, 2019 under Winter

Throughout the coming weeks I will introduce you to a different centers and areas that the children play in . As you know we allow children to follow their own interest. Most of our science materials are on top of the cubbies in the playroom. We have a real animal skins, shells, and many tools they can use. We have books as well

Science for preschoolers sometimes means simple things like looking outside at the rain and wondering where it came from? Cooking in the kitchen and seeing how things go from liquid to solid. Noticing the difference in seasons is also a skill for this age group.

Science for me is probably one of the hardest domains to teach. I think if I took the word teach out and just let it occur naturally it would not give me as much grief. Science is everywhere.

Also. Meet Emma

my British friend with rainbow hair. Emma is a nanny and play expert ! She periodically comes to play.


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