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Drops Not Puddles

Published on August 15, 2019 under Winter

The art center is always a buzz of activity. Last week the children mainly just wanted to play with Playdoh . This week they started taking out more of the other materials . I have a gallon of glue and I want the children to feel like they can use it freely but in the meantime being a little responsible. So today we looked at the book ” Too Much Glue ” ( via video book )

did a little activity.

This activity helps the children know how much glue it takes to hold something on a piece of paper with creating huge puddles.

One thing I learned is that if you tell the children to use one hand instead of two there are more successful controlling the amount that needs to be on the paper . But that takes concentration.

We also have markers in this area and paints and scissors and hole punches and ribbon. There are many materials here for the children to explore.

When you look at your child’s art here are some questions you might ask them.

What were you thinking when you drew this picture? Why did you decide to use blue instead of red? Which of these colors is your favorite?

I have been pretty insistent this year that the children use smocks.

In years before I allowed it to be a choice but just decided that it should be part of her routine this year for being a responsible artist.

We have an end of the year art show to showcase all of the art that is made. When we get to that point remember it all started with learning how to make a drop of glue .

If you want to hear this cute book here’s the linkWatch here !.


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