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Family Time

Published on August 19, 2019 under Winter

Family time is a conscious discipline structure. It’s a lot like circle time in the fact that we are all gathered together but it’s also quite different from circle time in that my purpose is not to teach anything. My purpose is to connect.

In order to start family time I turn on music called “come join the circle.” The children know wherever they are to stop what they’re doing and come join our circle.

Once we are in Family time we do what is called the brain start smart from conscious discipline.

Unite – During this time we do things that unite us as a group. Much like during a pep rally and everybody would chant the same cheer. We do a song and our Pledge of Allegiance.

Connect – During this portion we use our Wishingwell board to connect to our friends who are not here for the day. We also do a partner activity. The one we are doing now goes like this.

Twinkle twinkle little star what a special friend you are the way you smile and shake my hand you’re the best friend in all the land.

The next portion is called – Disengage stress. During this portion we practice one of our calm down techniques.

Commitment time – During the commitment time I remind them that I am their safe. I am their safe keeper and it is their job to help me keep it safe. So we talk about what we could do during the day that will help us keep it safe. It might be helping our friends who are upset, making sure our toys are off the floor so we are safe while walking, or just listening.

Family time is important portion of our day.


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