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We Are Ready

Published on April 5, 2019 under Winter

Today the older littles toured Northside and it was a great experience. I heard the younger kids were really sad about their friends leaving. Dale even cried 🙁

The bus picked us up and Mr Avery talked about bus safety.

An impromptu chorus of “The Wheels on the Bus ” started and he joined in.

It made my teacher heart happy.

The counselor talked to us and answered questions we had from yesterday.

Mrs. Teague let us sit with her class like big kids and read us a story about the school.

We saw the principal. She invited the moms to please come visit during the summer to help ease anxiety.

We saw the gym. The kids were excited to see an cubs like our calm down center.

We saw the computer lab

We even checked out the bathroom ( our kids were the only ones in there and only to look )

And best of all we were allowed to play on the playground. We saw Ariah’s brother and ran and played a lot.

It was the best day ever .

And — one of my former preschoolers ( now 8th grade ) cake back to job shadow today. ❤️


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