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Kindergarten Questions and Worms

Published on April 4, 2019 under Winter

We’ve had a busy day today. As we prepare for spring and all the transitions and growth that will take place we have much talking to do. Today we talked about the kindergarten tour and what questions are and what a statement is. It’s almost like a switch turns for some kids overnight and they understand the difference between the two. Every year during the tour the children are usually asked what questions they have so today we did a little probing to see what they may be wondering about.

Maybelle – what’s in the gym? Are we going to eat and have recess ? Is there a principal?

Finn – will I be able to exercise in the gym? can we see the computer? Do we have naps?

Annalise – Will i get to play? Will I see old friends when I get to kindergarten?

Anisa – why is the school so big? What time do we get out of school? Will we have homework?

Olivia – Will we have science class? We have an art class? What kind of toys do you have?

Scarlet – Will we have parties at kindergarten? My sister said we don’t have a leprechaun party – will we?

Elliette – Will there ever be a time we make slime? Will we have cubbies with nametags?

Maddox – What kind of toys does kindergarten have?

We also talked about how we all feel about kindergarten. All the kids are affected even if they don’t go this year.

We also opened the big box that came with our warm farm . I completely ordered the wrong thing. I wanted a contraption that had a Clear-view front so the children could see the worms growth and their life. I knew this was a composting type but you still saw the worms. The primary purpose of the one I ordered is for composting. I am sending it back and figuring out what we really need.

However the butterfly kit was a big hit. We actually have tiny caterpillar’s and we have gotten the calendar and marked the day that we opened them and seven days out. In 7 to 10 days we should see the caterpillars crawl to the top and form a chrysalis. After that we will put them in the other habitat feed them and watch them turn into wonderful butterflies in about 10 days. We plan to have a butterfly release party

Anisa and I had matching leaf earrings today. Mine are bought. Hers were stickers.

One of our friends has a habit of rolling her eyes at me – a lot. I can get angry and set her in time out to prove it’s inappropriate or I can talk to her about it. Today I felt the old teacher in me bubbling up. I stopped took a breath and relaxed and said ” I feel sad when you do that. If you were talking to me and I rolled my eyes how would you feel ?” She replied she would be sad. I then asked how can I help you stop. She looked at me in all seriousness holding the top of her head as if she could physically keep her eyes from rolling and said ” I can’t !!” Bless her heart. I genuinely think it started simple and then has evolved into a nervous reaction and a habit that she really can’t control anymore. I had to think a minute. I said ” ok. When you feel like you are going to roll your eyes at me clasp your hands like this and squeeze or just say “I am frustrated .” As a teacher ( or just older person in general ) we are quick to punish instead of coach. Today I felt like a winner. My goal every day is to help children be successful and you can’t do that by just saying no and shaking your finger. Whoaaaaaaaaaaa. I think I just jumped on my soapbox. :). Ok. So this is your friendly reminder to see yourself as your child’s coach to help them do better and not the police watching for them to “mess up” so you can punish. Is your goal to punish or to teach ?

And we found a new setting on the phone .


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