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Kitty Cat Technique

Published on April 9, 2019 under Winter

The weather is amazing. Today we did family time outside.

Olivia shared a new calm down technique she made up – the kitty cat.

I love when the kids make up their own techniques. It shows me they are thinking about it outside of school time and that they understand the foundation and intention.

With warmer weather comes a lot of Big Body play – in layman’s terms that means wrestling. Children are growing and getting bigger. They want to test their strength and stamina. Today there was a game of wrestling organized by the children. It was well observed and a friendly game. We talked about rules that would help keep it safe. Even as a teacher they scare me but Big body play is essential.

You can read more about that here

We had new stumps delivered today ! Grandpa did not want any recognition or a picture on here but we are super thankful.

Oh. And we pulled weeds

And worked on an art piece


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