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Dallas- not Texas

Published on March 6, 2019 under Winter

Today Mrs Dallas was back to help out while Adrian and Holly have sickies. The kids enjoyed her being here.

It’s amazing what a kind word can do. One of the little girls was singing and a friend said ” I like you song .” You wouldn’t believe the melody that flowed and the smile that followed. Sometimes if we watch kids ( and listen ) we can learn important life lessons. This one was simple “spread kindness.”

We did our monthly directed drawing today. I should remind you I do these merely because I love them. Sure we talk about shapes and get fine motor practice but more than anything I love seeing the art emerge and the pride the child has.

We have indoor sand. I still hate it. Can you imagine ??? Here’s Ariah trying to help clean it.

While reading a book today I pointed out an illustration and said ” that’s odd to me .” Anisa asked ” what’s odd?” I explained it seemed out of place or not right. The rest of the morning I heard “That’s so odd.” Increasing a child’s vocabulary takes using an expanded vocabulary while in conversation with them

We didn’t go outside again today. The windchill was 27. Yes , the sun was shining and if you stand in it it feels great UNTIL the wind blows and you’re out there for an hour. I’m really over winter.


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