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Science Center

Published on March 11, 2019 under Winter

The science center ( on top of cubbies near sigh in area ) is probably the least used center in the place. Historically, the science center is the one where we are challenged the most to keep the kids engaged. Sometimes they will take items off the table to use or explore but it’s not a constant. One way for teachers to increase interest is to change things up or add new items. This weekend at the Arkansas Family Childcare Association’s annual conference ( I founded that association) I was able to get a few things to spark interest.

A snake skin – just holding it gave me the creeps.

There was also another one and a hermit crab and shell ( dead )

A gourd made into a bird house

Some butterflies and a chrysalis .

There is an old bee or hornet hive.

A neat and even more snake skins .

It’s quite busy now and full.


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