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Celebrations and Holidays

Published on October 30, 2018 under Winter

Some early childhood programs seem to build their curriculum around holidays, just going from one to the other on the calendar. We don’t take that approach, but we do like to celebrate! We are just as likely to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday by enjoying “Green Eggs and Ham” as we are to celebrate Thanksgiving.

We also honor traditions of all the children and families and our program. We believe in the importance of family traditions and holidays and strengthening the connection between home and school.

As you know, upon enrollment we gather information for families about their culture and traditions that make up our homeschool community. With this knowledge, we plan activities to reflect the cultures of our group and foster respect for other cultures. We have had grandma’s and moms come in to make fresh tortillas and bust piñatas before. Our community is largely made up of Caucasian and Hispanics.

We try for all the preparations to involve children on hands on activities. Kids are invited to explore the special objects that surround that holiday and foods that reflect different traditions.

We encourage each of you as families to join us in celebrations . Even if you cannot be here with us, please share your family traditions, recipes and foods, and any special items that reflect your heritage and family history.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Halloween as a fun lighthearted day to wear costumes and play games. At this age we don’t reflect much on the true origin of Halloween. We simply want to have a day of “out of the normal routine fun and food.


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