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One To One Correspondence

Published on October 29, 2018 under Winter

What is 1:1 correspondence? One to one correspondence is the ability to match an object to the corresponding number and recognise that numbers are symbols to represent a quantity. Young children often learn to count without having an understanding of one to one correspondence (Kearns, 2010).

It is far better for a child to be able to use one to one correspondence than to be able to count 1 to 20 . In our classroom you might see a dip server or other types of serving trays that we use to practice this skill. Sometimes teachers even use ice cube trays. Many times the children can do one to one correspondence without guidance – it just comes naturally. Like this play scene I walked upon today.

Do you see one block with one toy ? Kinzlee is ready for us to start meaningful counting with her.

Practice this at home. “How many orange slices would you like?” Count them out 1 by 1. Ask the children for a specific number of something and help them count it out correctly laying one finger on each item once. Make math experiences meaningful instead of a memory game.


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