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Silly Songs

Published on September 12, 2018 under Winter

During my planning for intentional experiences with our children one of the days of the week I plan for silly songs and music. Studies have proven that connections are made during these times that build resilience with lifelong memories of adults that cared enough just to be silly and have fun… No teaching involved. Many of the children ask for music or dance parties every day but they have specific or special songs they request. Some of the favorites are ” jo jo songs ,”Let it go ” and ” kids bop”songs. Today we did Dr. Jeans -“Tooty Ta ” song. The kids loved it. Ask them to share it with you.

Other important happening today included use of the calm down space. If you do not have one at home I would suggest making one. It is just a place for a child to go when their emotions are very high. They can calm down and gain composure. It’s not used as a time out . Today one of our friends got very upset about a toy and we invited him and introduced him to the calm down center. I think it worked. . Not long after a couple of my friends went to help him. Building empathy among our preschool family is so very important.


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