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Published on September 13, 2018 under Winter

The wonderful thing about family childcare is we can truly follow the children’s lead. As we readied to come inside the children were so engaged. It’s a hard call. What do they miss if we don’t do inside time ? What are we hijacking and stopping that might be leading to something amazing ?

There’s math outside as we count blocks , children or snails.

There is fine motor when we pick up leaves or find rocks – however – did you know that fine motor develops from the inside out ? A child must have control over their shoulder before they have control of their wrist , wrists before fingers …

I take books outside.

There’s science outside.

Today we had a lot of big body play. I told Holly I have never seen the children play in “packs” so early in the year and honestly – sometimes never during a year. Big body play is rough and tumble play – sometimes even wrestling. We watch very closely but only intervene when it’s necessary. What can be learned from this type of play? Children that participate in BBP are found to be more independent and confident. 93% of language is body language. Through BBP children learn to read body clues like ” stop” or ” I’m engaged , let’s play .” Children learn to read these non-verbal clues.

Children who participate in BBP are also more physically fit because …. well .. obvious , right ?

Children also learn social cooperation and the give and take of relationships.

We ended our outside time with a game of duck , duck , goose which is also a BBP game .

Winter is fast approaching and we will long for the days we can stay outside.


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