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I Love Routines

Published on September 10, 2018 under Winter

Routine is my friend . Routine is also something that children need and crave. Return gives everyone a sense of safety. If you think about it you have routines in your house and family . When I grew up one of our routines was spaghetti every Friday. We always had a blessing before our meals. Saturday was our family day to clean and I always had to dust. That might be why many times you see my house go dusty because I learned to hate that job as I was growing up.

Today we got in more of a routine with very intentional conversations and experiences.

My plan is to set aside Monday’s as our day for cooking experiences . There may be other days that the children help us with things in the kitchen but Mondays will be our intentional cooking experience day. . Do you remember cooking in the kitchen with your mom or grandma? Today we made Pumpkin spice bread for a snack

I also introduced beading on our chandelier today. Amazing fine motor skills take place in this area as children work with patience and determination to create strings of beads to hang on the chandelier or take home to their mom as a necklace.

During normal free play we learn important skills we need in kindergarten too. We learn the difference between a dot of glue and a puddle of glue. Sometimes it’s trial and error as they learn with a puddle the eyes that they want on their artwork might slide off with the river of glue.

It was a good Monday.


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