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Kindergarten Tour 2018

Published on April 26, 2018 under Winter

All the Pre-Kinder’s came in today extremely excited about being able to visit Northside, our kindergarten. Many of them sat in chairs in front of the glass door just hoping to catch a glimpse of the bus. As it turns out the bus was an hour late so eventually they all found something to do for a bit. In the morning we had talked about what they hope to find while they were on tour. The list ranged from chocolate milk to computers

Barb who led our tour looked at our list and made sure we were successful!

We even sat in on a kindergarten classroom and talked to the teacher and children for a few minutes. While in the room we look for similarities. This room had blocks and manipulatives like we have.

The tour was fast but from beginning to end you could feel the warmth. As the bus drove up all the principals and counselors and others were waiting with smiles ready to greet the children. Over and over I heard that” Northside is a safe place for you .”

We even got to see Miss A in the library.

We played outside on the playground. It was not the big playground because that was filled with kindergartners and this was much safer for our group. But they did enjoy the time outside. And … there were even more similarities there ( yellow trike ) .

It was a good day to be a pre-Kinder.

The best part for them was of course – riding the bus.

Came home to an inspection from USDA. This is my life. It went well.



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