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Big Emotions.

Published on April 27, 2018 under Winter

I don’t have A lot of pictures to represent this blog but of course I wouldn’t. Of course I shouldn’t. Taking pictures of children when they are in crisis is probably not a good idea. It would show me not being in the moment to assess how I can help. Also possibly just a little disrespectful. I mean, if you were having a meltdown and someone snapped a pic of you how would you feel?

Every year about this time it begins to happen. The children become more independent, louder, and start to really test their leadership. Everyone is vying to be on top and sometimes that causes conflict.

I had it first

You laid it down

But I wanted to come back.

Then as the adults we are left to help them navigate the conversation and feelings. It’s hard. It’s especially hard when you are 4. Do we take over and solve it ? Do we make the child give it back ? No. Sometimes we help with what words are needed to express an idea or feelings but even then do not do the negotiating or insist that one give up or the other. Many times the conflict goes completely unsolved but if the children are OK with that why shouldn’t we be?

As the boys get bigger their rough play gets more risky.

He was going to chop my head off .

He hit me on the cheek first.

Did you like it ?


We all look dumbfounded. Really , sometimes there are no words needed. One hit. The other hit back. Not ideal but it happens. They know what caused the situation. An adult adding their frustration to the situation doesn’t help. Natural consequences.

The end of the year has new challenges. We will survive. These are important social lessons to learn. Better here then anywhere else I can think of.


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