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Dial 65

Published on April 24, 2018 under Winter

Can you tell I hate assessments ? It’s called a Dial 3 but it feels more like 65.

This morning we had a visitor. Ms Amy is taking a class in early childhood and was just hanging out and doing a little research / homework. When we have visitors it stretches me. I have to be able to verbalize how I teach and why I believe in this way. Amy was great at digging deeper. I might have settled on a shortened version of my pedagogy.

Child driven

Teacher coaching

Environment supported

Sometimes when we do assessments it funny.

Me : ” let’s play a rhyming game . Bee / tree. Cat …..

child : dog 🤭

Me : What do you do if you’re thirsty ? ( looking for self help skills – get a drink )

Child : I would get some milk and some chocolate syrup and some ice cream and put it in my mommas blendy thing and make a chocolate shake. Yumm-o ”


To give you an idea of other things we assess there is a page we look for letter sounds on.

Also – we do a speed color naming game. How many colors can you name in 30 seconds ?

Goodness. I should finish up tomorrow with the littles that are absent.

And nothing like those impromptu fire drills.


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