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Published on January 18, 2018 under Art

We have been talking about art and storytelling .  Last night I wondered what we could do to combine these two activities.   How can art influence storytelling ? I asked the kids what they thought . I brought from upstairs two different puppets.  ( You probably don’t know I had a puppet hoarding problem for a while.. ) We talked about how they are used for storytelling ?  How could we make puppets ? And.. then it took a life of it’s own. Exactly how it should happen.


What I found interesting is how they continued to add more …

Grayson decided that his chicken needed to be orange later in the morning .

We will probably do this again and I will present it as ” Puppets for our room. ”  I think my next step in this activity would be to write a story and use our puppets . They were SO excited about their creations they want to take them home.  I am sure they won’t mind doing it again. ( Note to self– purchase 100 lunch bags. )


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