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Making Art Meaningful

Published on January 22, 2018 under Winter

Continuing our thoughts from last week I wondered as the teacher how to tie this all together.   They love telling stories. They love art. They love music.  I want them to see how it takes a lot of pieces pull a puppet show or something like that together.

Today we started a story. Each child had an opportunity to add to our story about ” The Bird.”   I asked questions .  I wrote what they thought might happen next.  It’s really a lovely activity when you see their little gears thinking about what possibly could happen.


Tomorrow we will read our book and talk about who the characters ended up being  and we might even get time to illustrate it.  We will add a step each day and in this process find our own way to make art more meaningful.


When we model that writing letters have meaning the children automatically start putting letters together and making notes and signs. This one said ” Its for sale at Christmas. ”

The bonus that comes with any activity is when you finish and the children continue .  You see and hear how you have modeled learning for them .

Gracie was making her own book. The video was too large to upload. Watch Facebook for the video of Gracie’s book making .



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