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Inner Conflict

Published on January 17, 2018 under Reggio


We had a few kiddos ( 5 to be exact -out of 16 ) that needed extra help this morning .  Nothing was wrong with them in particular ( a hurt eye here and a ” my mom forgot to hug me ” there) and it caused us to slow down a cuddle a little longer.  I have a lot on my plate right now and some decisions weighing on my mind so the extra cuddles were actually therapeutic to me as well.  Hugs for everyone !   I love this about family child care . When we need to slow down we can. We do.

There was a lot of ” can you read this story to me” today.  Elliette grabbed this big book that we read last week called ” Just Like Me ” and started reading and remembering the repetitive  phrases.  ” Just like me  and ” not like me ” are repeated over and over.


Once a month we do new self portraits.  This is a great example of being able to see how far a child can come in a year.

August –


January –

I did more work sampling observations to see where littles are at in their scissor cutting skills.




And there was a tiny science lesson.  Elliette brought this shiny ” rock ” from home and found out quickly that it was magnetic.  We had a new magnetic patterning toy out today and she laid her rock on the toy and it worked just like the wand attached. MAGIC !

It was a good day.  I am still having much inner conflict about my teaching style and my lesson plans.  I know.. that I know.. that I know..  what we are doing is right. I know with every fiber of who I am ( and I am backed by proven research ) that the experiences we offer is what is best  for children.   When it becomes a battle to me is when I need ( am required ) to put it on a lesson plan. In a traditional classroom everyone might sit down and learn how to use scissors . The way we teach is to watch for opportunities to help them with that skill  when the child initiates their interest.  If a child never goes to the art center to grab scissors  I might as a teacher find a way to spike their interest.  Example : Grayson loves the block center. He rarely leaves there.  His fine motor skills are great but just to be sure I might step in the block center and say ” Grayson what are you building ?”  ( A garage for cars.)  Me” Oh ! What a great idea! What is the name of our business ?”  ( Grayson’s Garage )  ” Hm… I wonder if it would be helpful to make a sign for your garage ? Would you like to make one ? Do you need my help ?”  We don’t worry a lot about integrating this push until second semester.  And what if… what if… Grayson did not become an expert at cutting before he left preschool ?  Would that be the end of the world ? I think I let my teacher pride get to me sometimes.  I wish more emphasis was placed on the important things they are great at when they leave preschool.

Example :

Many of our littles know how to use calm down techniques and frequently can be seen helping their friends gain control of emotions .

We have amazing little artist in our room. They don’t color in lines here . They don’t always color a tree green but their art work is original and detailed and wonderful.


I could go on and on.  I am so proud of our preschool family.  Can I just write that on my lesson plan and be done ?


A curriculum or lesson plan is not and can not be one size fits all.  Do you see my struggle ?  I can’t do 16 lesson plans .


Ill get this. It isn’t their problem and doesn’t change how we learn and live here.. its my problem. Ill get it.


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