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Puppet Creations

Published on January 26, 2018 under Art

Today was finally  the day we could move one step closer to our puppet show.  Yesterday each child decided which puppet they wanted to create . We looked at pictures on the internet that might give ideas.  (  I would like to interject here – when I was a kid I remember wondering about things  and going to the huge encyclopedias on the book shelf in my parents room and looking it up. The library was my favorite place to be – and my favorite smell.. and sometimes I would walk there to look up things that I was curious about. FYI- When you have curious kids and bookshelves never ( ever ) put your dads college art course books on the same shelf.  I learned lots sitting on the floor on that blue carpet in my parents room. )


Some of the plans switched for our puppets and we had three friends not here today.   They will hopefully by back and can finish their puppets on Monday.  Then we have other decisions to make . Where will we put on our show ?  Will there be music ? Will we video it ? Silly me thinking this would be a 5 day process.  We will just keep working toward our end goal ( the puppet show ) and then share it with you.


In the meantime enjoy some of our puppets.

Pax’s Eagle  !

Mila’s Baby Suchie  ( Blue eyes , brown hair and brown mouth just like the book we wrote )

Game working on his baby skunk .


It was a good day.





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