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What’s Next?

Published on January 29, 2018 under Reggio

Today after a short family time we looked at our book we wrote again and talked about next steps.  Three people that were absent the end of last week needed to contribute to our puppet show .

Khloe had to complete her caterpillar puppet .  I showed her how to string the 4 styrofoam balls together and she took off.  It’s a great puppet !

We watched a puppet show. ( 2 minutes ) and talked about what we saw.

These are some things we wonder about .

Where will we have our puppet show?  We have a puppet stage but will all 16 children fit behind it ?

What did we hear behind the puppet show ? Music ? Sound effects ? What are sound effects ? How can we make them for our puppet show ?

If we are all in the puppet show who will watch it ?

How will they know to come?

THIS is emergent curriculum.  We have finally found our grove.  At this point I don’t know when the end project ( the puppet show ) will take place but it looks like you will be invited and it will be amazing.

Many other puppets were made throughout the morning .  I love the process they go through to make them. Grayson made a HUGE puppet from paper and then stuck a tiny popsicle stick on the bottom. He was frustrated that it wouldn’t stay up. I simply said ” I wonder what you can do that will make it stay up?  Does the stick need to be larger or the puppet small?  What do you think ? He did the rest and was pleased.

This is the year that thankfully I don’t feel like I have to fill them with information. I can help their little curious souls realize they can find the answers on their own . It’s important to know that you are capable, that you are smart, that  you are resourceful.  It’s important to know that someone thinks you are smart enough to work out a problem.  THIS IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than memorizing letters and numbers.  I hope I have preached this enough that you believe me.  If we help build a child’s foundation to learn and his self confidence and encourage his will to find the answer he will succeed.




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