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ABC Audit

Published on January 25, 2018 under Art

I knew I was in a 60 day window for an ABC audit.  They even give us a form to know what to expect.

This morning I got up and got ready like a rock star.   When I want to conquer the day it usually starts with making sure my hair is high, makeup is on point and I don’t have on pull on pants. 🙂  Today was the day.  The stars were in line when I was finishing up making plans one on one with each child to gather materials for their puppets. We looked up different kinds of puppets for each character and each child decided what they wanted to do.  That is where Reggio is different from everything else.  They wrote the story. They illustrated on paper and they are deciding what their character will look like in puppet form. I am not handing everyone a paper bag and a few crayons.  As I wear nearing the stretch with the last two kids  SCREEEEEEEECHHHHH –


Knock Knock –


The ABC auditor arrived and the rest of my morning consisted of going back and forth between kids and making sure she was finding the documentation she needed.

We did do family time and I did talk to the kids and explain we most likely would not get to make our puppets today.  That would be an activity that would need my supervision and guidance much of the time. They understood that like happens and plans have to change .

I don’t even have many pictures for you other than the one that I took with Scarlet because we match.

And with Gabe because he wanted to take one with me too.

And with Annalise.. because she wanted one too.  : )


OH there was one more I sent Ms Holly who is loving the island life today  . To say… I hope you are having fun. We are having an audit.


This is real life



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