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Ice and Stories

Published on January 16, 2018 under Art

Here the boys are smelling Angie’s coconut coffee as it brews.  They said it smelled” Yummy.”  Thanks again parents for this amazing Christmas present. I love the collaborative gifts that are something for our use with our families or kids. They are the best.

We did some science today with predicting what would happen to water that we set outside.

We put it out at 9:00am . I checked it at 930 when I took a bag of garbage out and the top was already frozen over.   I brought it in at 11:30 before lunch and the pieces were frozen solid. I dumped it all in the sink.  Grayson said ” I wonder what will happen if we leave it out in our room ?”  Well.. thanks Grayson for being on the ball and helping me teach this lesson full circle.  The ice cubes are now on the cubbies and we will look at them again after rest time to see what will happen .  I have the heat set on 75.  What do YOU think will happen to the ice ?

I mentioned maybe watching part of a movie this morning .  You should never do that if you don’t intend to follow through .  The movie went along with our theme.  Happy Feet – with penguins and ice.  The children were given the choice to play or watch.  We started out with 14 out of 16 watching the movie and ended with 4 who watched it in entirety.  ( If you are keeping score that is the second time this year we have had any screen time at all. )

We also did a little brainstorming today.  Much of the kids art comes with a story. I think possibly that comes from us always saying ” Tell me about it” when they show us what they have made  I am still trying to figure out what our “project ” will be this semester.  Will we use art to make a book ? Will be use art as props to tell a story ?  Every night I reflect on what was said  and what we did for the day.  I think about how it went and what questions the kids might have .  What is the next step ?  Where will this lead tomorrow ?


It was a good day.



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