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Collage Plus

Published on January 12, 2018 under Art

As we continue to explore collage art today we added a little ” plus.”

Why not plan ( what color we will find and cut out ) and sort by color on our paper ?

Conversation while they worked :

What color needs more ?

Oh , there isn’t a lot of red .

Is this pink or purple ?

I think this piece is too big for the orange area.

Look at that cute picture of the dog.  He’s silly.

I reminded them that the scissors always .. always face out away from us and our thumb is on the top.

The days this week have seemed long . Today it was 15 degrees ( weather channel said it felt like 1 degree ) so we stayed in.  When we don’t go outside the days feel especially long.  I know what makes my littles happy and gets a little of that energy out.  DANCE PARTY.  I took this picture of Scarlett as she twirled underneath the bead chandelier with her tongue out as if she was catching snowflakes.


 Do you ever wish you knew exactly what a child is thinking ?  At what age do you think we lose the amazing ability to leave the present and be in some place magical where anything can happen. We can be anyone . We can be a race care driver that zooms super fast. We can be a vet who takes care of pets with long purple manes and sparkly eyes.  When do we lose the magic to twirl to the music and catch snow on our tongue when there’s no snow to be seen ?


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