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More Collage Work

Published on January 10, 2018 under Art

Today we delved a little deeper into collage work.  Can we collage many different materials with a purpose in mind ? Today we read ” Just like me.’  After reading the book I challenged the kids to use the materials on the table to create a person .



During real activities like this is when I can spend one on one time watching each child to determine if they need help holding scissors the proper way.

I reminded Malia three times that her thumb goes on top and the scissors point away from her body.   A few minutes later she said ” Look Ms Debbie. I did it! ”

There is still free art going on as well.  Nathan drew this front end loader and said it was for sale.  See the 4 ?   He asked me several times did I want to buy it . I asked him what I would use it for. He said ” to move boxes.”   I replied but I have no money.  He made me some.   If life were that easy, huh  ?



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