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Puppets and My Soul

Published on January 24, 2018 under Art

Well, that sounds dramatic. 🙂

Yesterday I was so conflicted.  My  morning  before work started with a phone call concerning AECA and many times through out the day I received urgent emails and texts that ” needed my attention right away.”  I ended the day feeling defeated and quite upset with myself.  I had a little  pity party after a one hour conference call immediately after school as the last child walked out the door.   This is my job.  My passion for this job is what has elevated me to the amazing opportunities I have had lately.  So, if I start messing up my day job for the sake of everything else that is on my plate that would be pretty hypocritical.  I made a plan. ( That’s what I do when I feel overwhelmed .)  I figured out how to put away messages on my email  . I  did it!

Be silly. Be magic. Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be intentional . But most of all be present.

I am with my littles every day from 730am – 300pm. I will be returning emails after my day job. Thanks for understanding.

Today was much better. It does of course take personal restraint not to open my email and read it but I succeeded.  It’s important to me.  Your child is important to me.  Yesterday I told Grayson ” I am taking a nap after school. ” He said ” You always say you are sleepy .” Do I ? I haven’t been resting well.   So, nothing get’s better without realizing there is a problem and being intentional about choices to change it.  So… here’s me. Making a change. It’s going to be a tough and busy year. It’s also going to be an amazing and wonderful year . Together we will muddle through one day at a time and doing my best to be present when I am here.

On to puppets – Making art meaningful.

We wrote the story.

We illustrated the story.

Today we looked at a few you tube videos of how puppets are made, puppet shows and how puppets work. It was interesting to watch the video from Sesame street and see the puppeteers that create the magic.

Afterwards we read our book and made a list of all the characters. We will need to make puppets for each character.  Is a tree a character ? In our story it is not but it is a prop.  We made a list of props.  Wouldn’t you know we ended with 15  puppets or props to make.  I think we will add an emcee to the list and then everyone will have something to add to our show.

Of course this spawned a lot of puppet making —-








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