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Arkansas Advocates and Snowmen

Published on December 19, 2017 under special visitors

The Arkansas Advocate’s group is a phenomenal group of gladiators that work hard for the children and families of Arkansas to ensure that we all have safe, healthy and  productive lives and are able to meet our fullest potential.   They work a lot with legislators and others that can impact the work that I do.   Their work inspires me  and challenges me to stand up for and speak out for the things that are important to me  .


While Laura and Rebecca were here they  saw your amazing littles working their room. They were amazed at the calm that was displayed .  Not one time was there a disagreement.  Many of the children came to speak to them and introduce themselves or tell them stories. Rochelle hung out a little longer this morning and talked about the impact our program has had on her family.   ( Thanks Rochelle !)  I was able to point our how important I think it is for children to have small groups during the early years and  IMHO best choice is a home based program much like their own home .

This morning my phone rang and Laura said ” Debbie, this is Laura. We are with Arkansas Advocates and I think I need the address again. We thought we were here but this is a house. ”  YES! This is our home ! Please come in ! I hope she not only heard but felt the difference that we offer in our special little place for kids.


I was able to talk about developmentally appropriate practice  and family engagement .  We talked about teacher credentials and what that looks like in a classroom.  We talked about funding.  Did you know I haven’t had a raise in 10 years ?

These gladiators, the Arkansas Advocates are the ones that help guide legislation that will get us more funding.  We appreciate them and I am so glad they took the time to visit my home and see what the simple sentence ” any willing provider ” means in our ABC rules.  I am one of those providers and I think our children and families are happy this is an option.

After they left to visit another site we did spin a little magic and make another Christmas ornament.  We made a snowman to hang on your tree that will hopefully we treasured for years to come.  Each one is unique and made with your child’s hands.  Grayson said ” You know Frosty had a button nose, not a carrot nose . ” You are right kid.  Keep me on my toes.

Today was a great day.  Ms Holly was back.  Someone was able to step in and see what was absolutely a normal day for us – no special programming or smokescreens here – and hopefully walk away with a special memory of this sweet little two story house that had little kids playing and singing and painting and adults that loved them living together and learning.


Thankful to be here and be part of your littles lives.





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