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A Spot of Tea

Published on December 18, 2017 under Multicultural

Today —  I think I was so excited and anxious about all our extra events today that I pulled one from tomorrow’s agenda and placed it on today.   Arkansas Advocates did not come today.  At 9 AM Emma said ” Maybe you mixed it up. Check your email. ” ( I hope you totally said that in Emma’s accent ! ) And alas ,I did.  They will be here tomorrow ! 🙂

Except for the anticipation of visitors it was a really normal day.

I made green wintergreen scented playdoh last night to add to our exploration of evergreen trees this week . The kids loved it and it made our room smell quite wonderful – like a fresh Christmas tree.  The kids enjoyed being curious about the provocations that I set out.



Since Ms Emma was here I decided last night we should take full advantage of her and have a ” spot of tea.”   The showed the children where she moved from and asked important questions liked ” how do you think I got here?”  She talked about their tradition of having tea in England and even role played in the dress up room how to ” have tea” with your friends complete with the pinky stuck out .  I told her I almost always do that and I am not British and she basically said ” That is because you are prissy.”  Ok then… LOL.  We loved having her here.  Thanks Emma.


It was a good day.


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