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The Queens Arrive

Published on December 20, 2017 under special visitors

Today we had special visitors. It only seems natural that the morning after I finished my all time favorite series about women in crowns ( Reign )  that we would have royalty visit.   As most of you know my daughter Danielle was a pageant girl so I still have a few connections.  Miss Dogwood and Miss Outstanding Teen Dogwood ( Miss America system ) asked could they come by and spend some time with our littles.  They came prepared.


First they did family time with us and then they read a book.

The queens brought along a cute snowman craft for the kids to do.

The aren’t really used to organized crafts anymore so that was interesting to watch.  After putting the pieces together many asked for markers and crayons to make it uniquely theirs.

The girls also gave the kids reindeer food to sprinkle on their lawn Christmas Eve and a book .

It was a fun morning for everyone.

Maybe we even inspired a few littles to be Miss America one day. It happens – Ask Savvy Shield former Miss Arkansas made Miss America.



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