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Can you place this UNDER the HOUSE ?

Published on September 6, 2017 under assessment

No, we aren’t really putting anything under the REAL house. It’s a small block.  It’s yet another piece of our assessment puzzle.  Specifically today while two children were sorting colored shapes one made minnie mouse and another ….

Made houses ! !   It is so much more fun to pretend play instead of sort by attribute.

Today we tackled the more individualized and tedious parts of the dial 3.  Writing !

I have 8 more to complete tomorrow and then we can return to normal days !


Holly and I try to take a few minutes a day to make some formal observations and usually specifically looking at one Worksampling Indicator.  Today I was reminded we don’t have anything science yet and explained sometimes science doesn’t happen as naturally as language or math.  ( As that flows on to my paper I am also reminded that I had a great opportunity to observe science today as the kids noticed it was cooler today . Why do you think it is cooler ?  What changes when it is cooler ? ) Any who — I moved the projector out and turned it on and BAM — observation opportunities for science abound.  

Have I mentioned how amazing our days are ? For the most part we are all snuggled into our routines and playing and learning and life is good.  2017 -2018 school year is being good to me.



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