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Dial 3 Assessments

Published on September 5, 2017 under assessment

Each year within 45 days of enrollment I an required  to do a developmental assessment.  The Dial 3 is my tool.  We look at motor skills, language and concepts.  I asked them do do things like hop on one foot and catch and bean bag.  I ask them if they are a boy or a girl and when their birthday is.  We also see how far we can count and how many blocks we can count .( Well.. maybe I traded the blocks for rocks.:) I try to make it fun like games for them .


Today was Elliette’s birthday.  We had birthday pancakes and she decorated her E.  She chose purple paint and sparkles !

We switched jobs today –   Scarlett became the table setter.  She did an excellent job !  This is math made easy.  One to one correspondence !

And then there’s this :

We have had these maps hanging in our playhouse for a couple years. Today I looked and the boys each had one running around the yard  . I said ” Boys..those a decor.. go put them back. ” Their little heads hung and the started to walk. Then I thought about what I heard.   ” Where’s the treasure ? Look at your map!”  and ” Which way does it say I need to go?”  Sigh…. this is the time it gets more difficult to be a child led teacher.  I don’t want children just thinking they can go take whatever they want off the wall and run around with it but.. it is in their space. It is normally used to find out ” where we are going.”  There are things that can be learned from a map. And lastly… this was borderline genius playing / pretending. 🙂   I concede.  Normally we don’t take things off the wall but you are right, it is a map.  Be careful. Carry On.






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