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Winding Down Assessments

Published on September 7, 2017 under assessment

Today , with the exception of one child who was absent , we COMPLETED our Dial 3 assessments ! We will use the data collected at parent conferences next month.  I will also take some of my findings to make sure there are specific experiences that ” teach ” concepts that might be missing .  Example :  If I noticed that a child did not know his shapes we can find ways to ” teach” that in the block center .  Instead of watching block play and asking ” what is your plan ?” or ” tell me more about your structure.” We can say things like – you used square blocks on this side.  What shape block will you use on the opposite side ?  Intentionally adding language that includes shapes.  Assessments can be good if they are performed right ( through play ) and used and not just done to fill in a blank .

Another thing we did today was talk about our upcoming event for grandparents.  While I was finishing up assessment Ms Holly gathered the children outside and talked about grandparents. What is a grandparent ?

She told them about our ” Gravy and Grandparents” event on Monday and asked what they wanted to do to help get ready.  Well… if we left it completely up to them you would be outside eating batman cupcakes !  Some of the kids talked about making cards and went straight to work.




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