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First Day 2017-2018 School Year

Published on August 15, 2017 under Winter
First Day 2017-2018 School Year

Look out 2017 – 2018 school year we are here !   Is it just me getting older or do the years seem to fly by ?  Time waits for no one.   Speaking of time passing I think I should mention the significance of Holly coming to work with us.  Holly was with me for 2 years when she was a preschooler.   Her favorite dress up outfit  was a clown costume and she loved to put on shows. Four years ago her daughter came to Bright Beginnings .   Now Holly  joins us side by side to continue the wonderful traditions we have at Bright Beginnings.  I think that is a pretty great legacy !

We have worked for weeks to get our rooms ready for your littles . It was exciting today to see them as they discovered new things and played with new friends. We have 11 children returning from last year.   Of the five new children four have had siblings attend .  We are already family.

Isn’t our sand jar an amazing piece of art that we all made together as a family  ?  I love it !

We had some surprises !  Grayson didn’t go in the block room at all. He played in the dress up room.

No one cried coming in the gate today.  ( But please remember that sometimes day two and three are harder so don’t get excited yet .  )  But seriously even had a great time .

Khloe found the glue and the glitter — but that isn’t a surprise.  LOL !

Malea found the ” wedding dress ” — but that isn’t a surprise !  LOL !

We made  a few changes from last year  but the kids rolled with the flow.  I’ll tell you what the changes are but explain in depth the ” why ” in the coming days .

We served our meals family style today  .  The kids set the table .  The kids would take something on their plate and  then pass it to their friend.  They poured their own milk .

We did away with paper towels ( for the most part ). We are using individual cloths after washing hands.  Yes, it will mean more laundry but less trash and less waste .

It really was a good day.  I love my job and I love your kids.  Happy to be back.

Isn’t this an awesome hear that Nathan made ?? It even had sparkles ! This art was perfect for our first day back. We love our preschool family.




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