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Rain Drop or Puddle

Published on August 16, 2017 under Art

Yesterday there  was much excitement in the art center.   NORMALLY, we don’t have as many materials out at the beginning of the year but since so many are repeaters this year I decided to go all out and fill the shelves . I even added a large jar of glitter !   GASP!  I know by this point you are thinking — she took away the question of the day. She didn’t tell us when we needed to be here by 15 minute increments — has she lost it ?   This is my year of releasing control and allowing others to make decisions and learn from them and not feeling like I have to be the one telling everyone what to do. We learn from mistakes. We all learn from mistakes even our littles .. well mostly our littles.  Allowing free rein doesn’t mean we don’t still ” teach ” or ” give direction. ”  I realized yesterday that with all our excitement in the art center I might need to TEACH the glue lesson again ? How much glue is needed to make something stick to the paper ? How much glue makes a  blucky stucky mess ? Do we need LAKES of sequins and googly eyes floating in the playroom ?

From the book – Our art teacher says  ” TOO MUCH GLUE NEVER DRIES.  RAIN DROPS NOT PUDDLES !”

In small groups of two we watched this little video !



After watching the video we practiced making rain drop and not puddles on a piece of paper .

One thing I have learned with the littles is teaching them to hold the glue bottle with one hand instead of two. Sometimes when there are two hands they get the grip of death on the bottle and we end up with a river of glue on the table.  Encouraging them to use one hand helps them show restraint.

Knowing how to use the glue is important .  Being allowed to use the glue as they would like is more important.  Randy’s church ” commissioned ” ( is that the right word? ) a new statue of Mary yesterday.   The humble gentleman sculptor  made a large amount of money for his efforts.  I like to think that we are fostering creativity that will lead to important statues that people love and celebrate one day and we will remember it all started with a few art materials and rain drops of glue.  🙂






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