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Busy Busy Day

Published on May 5, 2017 under Winter

Today was a super busy day . I had my last parent conference at 830 this morning ( Thanks Mindy for hanging around for a few ) and then we got busy.

We went outside in anticipation of watching the Southside 5th grade students walk past the house to the park.  That is always fun for the kids and for the teachers.   They see people they know. I see old students .  The elementary kids are entertained  by the ” tiny daycare kids ” they see as they pass by and our kids are excited about the 100’s of high fives they get .  I am sure the older kids felt like rockstars.

Vallie’s parents brought her new bunny  ( Bun Bun ) to visit us !


We walked to El Rancho for an authentic mexican meal for lunch in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.  The food was delicious and as we left the children said ” Gracious ” to Mila’s grandma who owns the taqueria .

We had a few extra minutes on the way home so we stopped in the Siloam Springs Library.   The librarian was kind enough to stop by and talk to us about libraries and read us a book !


It was indeed a busy day.


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