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Chugging Along

Published on May 4, 2017 under Art

We are still putting forth efforts to finish up little last minute details for our Art Show.  I have never done an art show so I feel like I am working with a blank slate .    I am accustomed to doing BIG things — programs with sets and costumes and lots of prep  .  Normally we would be taking 15-20 minutes out of our day the past two weeks to practice for a program.  Stop.  Be still.  Sing Louder.

I am not sure where this evolution of my total philosophy has come from.  ( I mean unless we want to give credit to finally appreciating  research and best practice .)

So, this week my time has been spent saying ” Yes, do that .   I love the beautiful colors your used . Tell me about your art. ”  If you were a child, which would make you feel better ?



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