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Special Delivery

Published on January 3, 2017 under transportation

We started our day by reading a story called ” Special Delivery. ”   In the book the delivery person uses many methods of transportation to finally get her package where it should go .  She used skates and a skateboard, a bike and a row boat and many more.  This week we have mainly been talking about how we can travel using people power – methods that don’t require an engine.  One other way she discovered to ” go” was a taxi. Some of the kids asked ” what is a taxi ?” What gave us the opportunity to introduce the word ” uber.”   They thought it was a funny word.  I told them about a time that Randy and I called an Uber.  That will be a word for their generation.  Uber.

There were many other things going on today.  In the hallway Ms Dallas did a little science provocation.  I wonder… what will roll down the ramp ? Why do some things roll and others don’t.  It was interesting to listen to their though processes as they reasoned if something would successfully roll down the ramp.

We tried writing with markers attached to cars.

We practiced ” Row Row Row your Boat” and keeping time to the music.

We sorted cars onto colored papers.

Drawing… these kids are artist.   You think you take home a lot of papers  ?

Look how many we have filed .


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