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Published on January 2, 2017 under transportation

Today was our first day back from Christmas break. Our break was only a week long so we didn’t get out of our routine so much that today was hard.  .  Holidays are difficult  as everyone struggles to get everything they need or want to get done completed and usually there is a rush . Many times littles enjoy returning to school. Its safe and familiar and a little more slow than a the run we all engage in during the holidays .  Believe it or not , they even miss their naps here.  One of our littles climbed in Ms Dallas’ lap outside and said ” I am ready for nap. ”  I feel your pain Malea.  I am ready for a nap today also.

We had some new materials out today with our new unit.  They kids were diggin’ the new motorcycle and SUV with opening doors and hood.

The especially liked the race car driver costumes !

We did a cooking experience today.  We made chocolate pudding. It’s a stretch .  Cars drive on a dirt road and make mud.  Mud looks like chocolate.  🙂   There are so many good things associated with cooking or preparing food with children  .  They are starting to use emergent reader skills as we write and read back through our recipe.   They get exposure to numerals again as we write the steps and number them.  We use words like consistency and which and liquid to expand their ever growing vocabulary.


After reading a book today we charted ways to go with man power.  Can you think of ways we can go places without using a car or anything with an engine ? They came up with 10 modes of transportation.  Pretty smart littles !

Also, if you hear the kids talk about a new ” student ” at school today named Alexa. That is our new toy -Amazon Echo.  I have the kids convinced that Ms Debbie is the only one that can give it commands.  🙂



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