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Published on January 4, 2017 under transportation

This are macaroni that are died to look like wheels !

We played a math game with them. The littles would roll the dice and use one to one correspondence to cover the grid on their game sheet. With the younger three’s we didn’t worry as much about being accurate as we did just placing one wheel in each box. Almost any activity we do can be differentiated to meet a child’s developmental needs.

The red solo cup game is still going strong.

The littles continued to match the car colors to the papers.

Days like today we are thankful for the knitted house shoes that Rani’s grandma made for us. If your feet get cold then your whole body is cold. Thanks Ranelle ! Also, today I brought down our really heavy blankets for the littles that sleep on mats downstairs. I am sure that floor gets chilly and I want them cozy while they sleep.

The cold was just too bitter to go out in today. On days we just can’t get outside we have what is called ” rainy day toys .” The two boxes have a different set of toys that engage 9 different motor skills. This room was using the balance beam.

Mila has the monster feet on .

We charted how many wheels different wheels different ” ways to go ” have . Some we had to look up on the internet to be certain !

It was a good day.   As a transition from reading a book we also made a list of ” things that have wheels .”  A transition is an activity that leads us into something else.  In this case, as a child got up they gave me an answer before leaving to choose another activity.



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